Thursday, May 6, 2010


Recently, Luis and I were bathing the baby and getting him ready for bed. He was christening his new Superman Pajamas (cape included). Before bed Luis took him on his inaugural flight (fun was had by all), then went down stairs to make him a bottle. I stayed upstairs with the baby.

Little Luis, who has been attempting to crawl for weeks, was in his crib and for the first time ever CRAWLED from one side of his crib to the other. It was a total of 2 movements, but HE DID IT. I called Luis to hurry and come back, but by the time he was made it back, sadly there was no more crawling. Scooting, rolling, and pivoting, yes, but no crawling.

We picked him up so we could read him a book say goodnight. As we sat down Luis exclaimed, "IT MUST HAVE BEEN THE CAPE"

He has yet to crawl I am inclined to agree.

It must have been the cape.

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