Friday, May 7, 2010

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Once upon a time, before we had children, we were carefree movie goers. Atleast once every weekend you could find us nestled in the cozy stadium seats, popcorn in hand, glued to the screen. After we became parents, we gladly traded stadium seats for high chairs and popcorn for dry cheerios. Needless to say we still do miss seeing movies, and occasionally take the plunge and opt for a baby sitter. This weekend that is exactly what we did.

A Nightmare on Elm Street: A Review

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Overall, I was entertained, but I walked away a bit disappointed. There are quite a few scares, so if you are interested only in the "fear" factor, then by all means this is a flick for you. However, if you are looking for more depth and and story line progression than the original, look elsewhere.

I feel like Rob Zombie's Halloween set the bar for horror remakes. I think it is important that we see something different from these films, a reinvention of sorts or at least an expansion of the original story line. I do not feel like this movie achieved this successfully.

There was never a period of longer than 90 seconds that did not contain a dream sequence. Therefore, how could there be any substantial amount of exposition. I feel like the original film did more in the way of story line, while this remake was more about suspenseful, bloody kill scenes.

That being said, Jackie Earle Haley did a good job as Freddy. He was terrifying. The other actors were mediocre at best and paled in comparison to Heather Langenkamp and Johnnie Depp.

My score is a 6 out of 10. It isn't the worst, but it certainly isn't the best. What did you think of this movie?

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