Saturday, May 15, 2010


It's a scary word, made even scarier if you have small children at home that demand your energy. Every time I hear someone mention "insomnia," I get very nervous and fear that I will jinx myself right out of a good night sleep.

I suffer insomnia pretty frequently (about 2-3 nights a week.) The only period of time I didn't find it difficult to get a good night sleep was in the first trimester of pregnancy. I was nauseated A LOT, but I never had to worry about falling or staying asleep!

I don't know what the cause for my insomnia is. My mind just runs on Energizer sometimes and like that damn pink bunny it keeps going and going. I have tried several things to relax: hot tea, warm milk, a hot bath. I have even went as far as bathing with calming baby wash, you know the one that "clinically improves sleep."

I saw my doctor a few years ago and he prescribed an anti depressant. I was a bit confused, because I was not depressed, I was tired. I took the Welbutrin for 30 days and didn't notice a difference, so I didn't refill the script.

Recently, I saw a Psychologist to see if he had any insight into my sleep deprivation. He talked me through some mental exercises to get my mind to settle down, but they haven't really helped me either. I have very little experience with sleeping pills (I have taken ambien twice.) Over the counter sleep aids have no effect on me (Tylenol/Advil PM, NyQuil,simply sleep.) I really do not want to go the "sleeping pill" route, because I do not want to have to rely on drugs for the rest of my life to get peaceful sleep.

I am interested in finding a natural way to get to sleep (and stay asleep for 6-8 hours.) I am open to ideas if you have them, and I will share my experiences here, in case there are others looking for a sleep solution.

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