Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Superyard XT by North State review

We recently purchased this jail so that our mobile little guy doesn't have free reign of our downstairs area. It is very inexpensive compared to the other play yards we looked at. On Wal-mart.com it is only $52.98 with free shipping. The others we priced were at least $100 more than that.

Our decision to buy a large play yard really stemmed from our son's hatred of his playpen. It worked when he was smaller, but since he has started to stand and cruise around he just screams in the playpen. We have a large brick fireplace and a very open floor plan so gates just don't work for us.

Overall, I really think play yard is a great product. It is very spacious and my 9 month old has plenty of room to move around. There is also an extension kit you can buy for $20 at Wal-mart.com. I would think that the extension kit would only be necessary if you have an older child, or msc (many small children).

There are a couple of issues with this play yard. It is not very sturdy on hard wood or laminate. When it is on theses surfaces it moves VERY easily. The day we set it up, my son just pushed it around everywhere, because of this we had to put down mats. These mats keep it in the same place, so I don't worry about my kid falling every time he holds onto it while he standing.

Another big issue I had with this product is the latch to open and close it. It comes in the mail assembled, so I was under the impression that it was going to be simple to set up. WRONG! I pulled it out of the box and arranged it into a hexagon then I attempted to latch the two ends together. This was incredibly difficult to do, and the instructions were not helpful at all. I spent 90 minutes and bruised the palms of my hands and the thing still would not close. I was ready to take it back when my husband came home and after a little coaxing, and using his manly strength. He got the thing to close. So, now we aren't going to attempt to open it in order to go in and out, because it is so difficult to close. It is a bit of a bummer that we have to step over this tall fence to gain access to our kid, but we decided not to return it.

Overall, I would give this product a 6/10. I would say that the 2 negatives are outweighed by the cost.

** I purchased this item with my own money, and I was not compensated in anyway for providing this review**

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