Friday, July 23, 2010

Frustrated. Commenter.

Lately, I have been frustrated. I read Mckmama's blog, and I like it. I don't agree with a majority of the political views she has shared on her blog. However, I think her writing is elegant and poignant. She is also a great photographer, and I feel like I learn a lot from her photography lessons.

As much as I enjoy reading what she has to say, I am becoming increasingly frustrated at the Mckhaters. In case you don't read her blog I will explain...Mckhaters go to her blog daily and comment ridiculously hateful things that insult Mckmama, her children, and her readers. Often a "comment war" insues between readers and Mckhaters. Mckmama tries to break it up, and is always asking people who share different opinions "not say unkind words while expressing their opinion", but they don't listen.

I could maybe let it slide if it she posted a highly controversial political post. I know that political debates get heated on both sides, so while I still don't like name calling and ugliness, I guess it is expected when you are talking about such a sensitive topic. However, the Mckhaters spread their negativity on EVERY post. Whether, Mckmama posts a picture of her children, or a post about her recent hospital stay. There is always something mean lurking.

I like to comment on blogs that I enjoy, and if you are here visiting my blog because I commented on yours, you know that. However, this negativity is really bringing me down. I don't want to stop reading her blog, but I am thinking about not commenting anymore. If I don't comment on her blog, then I don't get bombarded with all the mean comments. It saddens me that I this is what it has come to for me, but I don't like getting depressed after I read a blog, and lately that is what happens every time I read Mckmama's post comments. What happened to "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all."

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