Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Secret Admission: Closet Case

I am in desperate need of closet organization. My bedroom closets ( I have his and hers) are an unorganized mess. I have very good intentions of turning them into efficient, clutter free, spacious closets like the immaculate one in the photo. Oh, how I would love to open my closet doors and see this:

Right now, I have 1 shelf at the top of each closet. They are good sized, but not walk - in closets. I would really love to be able to have much more shelving, without losing space for my hang-up clothes. I am also in much need of organization on the floor of the closets. I have plastic storage bins and shoes everywhere.

Another big factor in my huge closet remodel is budget. I really need to do both closets for under $100. I realize that might seem impossible, but I am determined to find a way!! I have looked at a few stores, and found some closet organization kits, but I don't really know what I need, and I don't want to buy something that won't give me the results I want.

So, I am at a stand still. Which brings me to you. Do you have any closet remodel ideas? Have you used any closet organization kits? Do you have any cost effective organization tips?

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