Friday, July 16, 2010

Frugal Friday

We are very budget conscious. We do splurge every once in a while, but we are committed to putting money away for retirement/emergency/just in case.

There are many things we do in order to save money here or there. I plan to talk about one way to save money every Friday until either, I run out of ways to save, or you guys get bored of my suggestions.


There are a lot of ways to save money by using coupons, but today I am going to talk about couponing via websites. I try never to buy something that I do not have a coupon for. Sometimes that is impossible no matter where I look. If I have to buy formula, then I have to, regardless of what coupons I have. One thing I do when I don't have a coupon for something is go to the web.

Many product websites offer coupons just for registering with their sites. A couple I have recently registered with are, Philadelphia cream cheese (, and I am sure there are so many more, but these are just off the top of my head. The good thing about registering with these websites is that periodically they send you more coupons through your email and that = extra money in your pocket.

If I have no luck via the products website, I usually go to google and search for the coupon I am hoping is out there, sometimes I get lucky and find what I need. Sometimes the coupons I find are for online purchases, and that is okay, if it saves me money and offers free shipping.

If I google and I still can't find a coupon, my last online option is Facebook. Many products have facebook pages, and often if you like a product you will gain access to a printable coupon. The most recent coupons I have gotten from Facebook are Welch's grape juice, and diet coke.

One last online tip. I have found this to be especially important for parents or caretakers of children. Often there are online groups for demographics of people that offer coupons and samples of products that demographic might use. I have registered for a ton of these (some for moms, some for homemakers, some for military families), and I have received a lot of sample items in the mail. I have received everything from diapers to air fresheners for free just by registering with these demographic groups.

Good Luck and Happy Saving!

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