Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tresemme FreshStart Dry Shampoo

As someone who admittedly does not get to wash her hair everyday, I was very curious to try this product. Who wouldn't want to look like they had just washed their hair without all of the hassle.

I have very oily hair and if I go about 14 hours without washing it you will definitely be able to notice. I will look like I just sprayed my hair with PAM. Unfortunately, I do not get to wash my hair every 14 hours, sometimes I feel blessed if I just get to wash my "Important" parts every day. So, I thought this would be a great product for me...if it really works. I was skeptical.

The directions were easy enough:
  • spray on hair in short bursts
  • allow a few seconds to dry
  • brush and style as usual
I began spraying on my hair, giving a little extra attention to the extra oily parts. The first thing I noticed was the odor. It is a bit overwhelming. It isn't bad, it is actually kind of sweet, but it is too much and took my breath away. I had to stop spraying and leave the bathroom so I could breath.

When I was finished I noticed this white powdery film on my hair. I brushed it out as much as I could, but it was still mildly visible (I have blond hair so I didn't really care).

There was a big difference, my hair looked much better. About 80% of the oil was gone, and my hair did seem easier to style. This spray affected my hair much like hair spray does. It felt brittle and hard, not soft like it usually does.

Overall, I think it is a product I will use again. It did fulfill it's purpose and my hair looked like it had been washed. The positives out-weighed the negatives in my opinion. However, I believe that someone with darker hair is really going to have a problem with the white film this shampoo left behind. If anyone, who has dark hair and used this product successfully I would like to ask them how they got the white film off of their hair without washing it (with "wet" shampoo).


  1. You have the FreshStart Dry Shampoo which is the powder version, Tresemme also sells the FreshStart Waterless Foam version which works better in my opinion and it does not leave the residue in your hair.

  2. Ok, Thanks!! I will look for the foam next time I am at the store.