Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Night of Sex......


I was able to get out recently and see the new Sex and The City movie. I read the reviews, but went to see it anyway. As a longtime fan of the series, I wasn't going to let a few negative reviews stop me from seeing the newest installment. It is not going to win any Oscars, but it was pure enjoyment.

It was funnier than the last film, and I had more fun watching it. Unlike it's prequel, this movie boasted no heavy plot points, or "downer moments", for the most part. This movie was almost like Sex and the City meets National Lampoon's Middle Eastern Vacation.

Most of the film was set in Luxurious Abu Dhabi, which made for interesting conversations between the girls. While this was a little bit far fetched, it opened up a whole new realm of comedy not yet explored by this series (or any other that I can think of). With these four fashion obsessed Manhattanites surrounded by the modest Arabic women of the middle east, much comic genius ensued. This film was also not as long as its predecessor. I think 2 1/2 hours is a bit long, for a comedy, so I was pleased that this movie was about 30 minutes shorter.

The fashion was just as awful as ever. I have never found the fashion in this series appealing. It has always seemed weird and over the top to me. So, I was not suprised that this film boasted the same strange fashion sense, that I was not a fan of.

It was a great movie going experience. I didn't walk away moved, or emotionally spent, but I did leave the theater with the sense that I had just spent time with 4 really great girlfriends.

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