Thursday, June 3, 2010


I follow several blogs. I read them daily and comment periodically.

Recently, I was reading a post on a blog I frequent, and I really loved the post. It was on a topic I had been thinking hard about, and there it was, written more perfect than I could write it. I felt such connection with the writer of this blog. For a brief moment, I thought that we were actually friends. Then I had a distressing thought, we're not.

It was like I lost a friend. We have never met, and I am 75% sure that she doesn't have a clue who I am. Sure, I have commented on her blog before, and she has responded to my comments, but I am sure she has many blog readers so she can't possibly remember every one of them. Through her blog it felt as though I had a window into her thoughts. Almost like we could meet for coffee one day and chat like old friends. This realization that we would never do this made me sad.

For several days, I didn't read any blogs. I didn't want to feel that same friendship "mirage" that hurt so deeply, but not reading didn't make me feel better. In fact, it made me feel worse. I didn't realize how much connection and companionship I had gotten from all of the blogs I read.

Although, I know that the connection to these bloggers, these women, is, for the most part, in my head. It is a connection none the less, and even though, it is one sided- these relationships I have formed are very dear to me.

Through these blogs, I have found validation in emotions, that I was unable to validate elsewhere. I have laughed at their stories and cried with them through their heartbreak. I have received wonderful advice, recipes, and even shopping tips and coupons.

What more can you ask of a friend?

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