Wednesday, April 28, 2010

She can't handle doing it to her body...

That is what Jillian Michaels said of pregnancy (in case you hadn't heard)and why she plans to adopt. While most of the mom blogosphere that I have read is up in arms on the issue and protesting all things Jillian, I don't mind so much. I actually feel pretty good about her statement and here is why:

1. This is her personal opinion. I try VERY hard not to get upset when someone shares their honest opinion with me. As long as they are not pushing their view points down my throat, expecting me to go right along with them. Her not wanting to give birth is her choice, and is actually good for the children she plans to adopt.

2. I can and did handle doing it to my body. Pregnancy is a difficult/beautiful/magical/painful/glorious/frustrating/humbling experience, and I DID IT. The fact that someone as strong as Jillian can't handle it makes me feel like superwomen!

3. She is not the first women to choose not to get pregnant for the sake of her body, Yet she is being persecuted like she is. The fact remains that it is her body and if she does not want to experience pregnancy and childbirth then that is really her loss. I know I am certainly not going to stop watching The Biggest Loser because I don't share Jillian's views.

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